Welcome to Mount Hermon Preschool

Home of the Spectrum Shooting STARS!

We strive to promote academic excellence and responsible citizenship by providing a high-quality early learning experience with engaging, relevant and appropriate activities aligned to the Virginia Foundation Blocks for Early Learning.  We have strong literacy & instructional programs that includes Spanish, playing the keyboard, and other skills that promote life-long learning. 
We are committed to a safe and conducive learning environment with strong parental and community partnerships.  

Teaching and learning is our priority!






2- School Spirit ~ Wear Holiday “headgear” – antlers, elf ears,
     ornaments, etc.

3- School Spirit ~ Flannel Shirt &/or Boots Day – wear a flannel
     shirt and/or boots

4- School Spirit ~ Candy Cane Day – wear red and white strips
     and/or candy canes

5- School Spirit ~ Crazy Sock or Holiday Socks Day – wear
     crazy or holiday socks

6- School Spirit ~ Wear jeans and a jersey, jewelry or a jumper
     for the Letter J

9- School Spirit ~ Elf Day – dress like an Elf or wear an ELF hat

10- School Spirit ~ Twin Day – find a partner and dress alike

11- School Spirit ~ Bell Day – wear a bell or something that

12-School Spirit~Light Up-Blinky/Flashy Day–wear something
      that lights up, blinks or flashes

      School Board Singing & Presentation for Certain Students @
      SBB 6:30pm

13- Field Trip – Hurrah For The Holiday @ TCC Roper Theater –
       buses leaving @ 9:30am

      School Spirit ~ wear holiday colors

16- School Spirit ~ Santa Hat Day - wear a Santa hat or any hat

      Winter Concert Rehearsal @ I. C. Norcom High School – buses
      leaving @ 9:30am

17- Winter Concert at I. C. Norcom High School @ 6:30pm - All 4 year
        old students will participate!! 

18- School Spirit ~ Ugly Sweater Day –wear your ugliest sweater

       PorteTown Magic Performance & Staff PotLuck

19- Parent Engagement Activity @ 1:00pm & Class Parties @

       School Spirit ~ wear holiday colors or something festive

20- School Spirit ~ Wear loungewear, lavender or something
       with lines on it for the Letter L

      Early Release Day @ 12:55 p.m.  for STUDENTS & STAFF

      Please make sure someone will be at the bus stop on time or

      Someone will be at school to pick your child(ren) up on time!

Dec. 23 – Jan. 3 – SCHOOL CLOSED


 WntrBrk HappyHolidays                         

Monday, January 6, 2020 – ALL



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